Man, I sure do love Feast for Odin though.

But I agree with you. Too many games are bloated, especially if they began on kickstarter where a game whose design isn't even finished will announce four or five expansions if you go all in.

And part of my love for Feast for Odin is because most games are not Feast for Odin. Nor should they be! Though you now have me interested in Nusfjord even though I'm pretty sure I have all the Rosenberg games I'll ever need.

I'm with you on Ark Nova. My wife and a friend of ours love that game, but I think most of the game is actually a distraction from the game. For example, if you follow the theme of trying to make a cool zoo, you're going to lose. And most of the cards are geared towards making your zoo cool, but the only thing you actually need to pay attention to are the Scoring Cards. And while this is true of many games, I find that Ark Nova could probably have its systems cut in half, its play time reduced to an hour, and it would be much improved.

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I've not read this yet but I am *very* interested - on my reading list. Thanks for the shoutout!!

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